Difficulty Level: 1/5

After the hosting provider has setup, and sent over the login information for the new server you are ready to go. You may be required to add the domain into WHM manually though. Some providers will allow you to add a single domain while configuring the server, but it looks like that is becoming less common over time.  Anytime you want to add another domain on this server, you will follow the same process.

Step 1: Adding the Domain Information

Under Account Functions
You will find the option to Create a New Account.


Domain: yourdomain.com
Username: This will be the cpanel admin account name.
password: Password for the admin.
Email: Will get updates about this account.

Dont change any of the other settings, and create the account. 
In case you have forgot/lost the email, it will list the nameservers as well for this domain to use. 
Head over to your Domain Registrar and add these.

Step 2: Accessing Cpanel

Account Information
Log into the domains Cpanel by clicking on the Orange Cpanel logo next to the domains name. 


Welcome to the Domains Cpanel account, this is where you will manage this account. If you have a shared server account with cpanel. This is the menu you are most likely used to.  Head over to file manager to start uploading files/installing wordpress.

DNS Setup: Connecting the domain to the server.