Difficulty Level: 1/5 

Unless you have a very specific reason for using a personal email address, you should always setup a email address for every domain you have. It only takes a few minutes, and you can forward the emails to a master account if you dont plan on checking 100’s of different accounts.

Step 1: Setting up the Account

In cpanel, under the Mail you will find Email accounts.

If you are creating a general email account for web visitors to get a hold of you, or for creating social media accounts.
Then use something like Contact@domain.com or yourname@domain.com. I would not recommend using something like admin/info, it just looks lazy/frauder like.  

If you want to limit the size of the email account(spam or limited hardrive space) you can allocate an amount. Otherwise just select unlimited. 

Create account.

Optional Step: Forwarding to another email account.

If you dont plan on checking this email account often, or want to forward emails to another account so you are aware of them. When creating multiple social media accounts, and other signups. Sometimes its nice to have a few junker emails that redirect to your gmail account. 

Type in email address to forward: Contact @ Pdxsnob.com in this example.

Forward to email address: wherever you want it to go.

and add Forwarder setup to save.

Step 2: Webmail Access

After you have created the email account/password.
If you go back to the home menu, and find WebMail 

In the webmail menu, you will find the url address to access your email address. 
You can save this if you are going to access your email via the server. Another nice way to get access to the email’s is to setup windows live mail to receive it, then you will have desktop notifications of new incoming mail.


Cpanel gives you a few different choices for mail clients, we have found Squirrelmail to be basic but does the job. We have really enjoyed using it, but horde is another great choice to go with.

Step 3: Mail Client Configuration

You will have to configure squirrel mail once you have selected it.
You only have to update the Name and Address Options.
Click Submit and Its ready to use.