Difficulty Level: 1/5 

If you are just starting out in the wonderful world of building websites, then you most likely still need to buy a domain name. You are in luck, because in the last few years they have rolled out a bunch of new TLDs. Like in our example, we could not find anything decent webdesign dot com related. Though Web.Design worked perfectly for what we were doing.  Though I will admit .com is king though, if you can get a .com domain then grab it. Dot net and dot org are the two other decent alternatives if a dot com isnt open.  

Namecheap has been the registrar ive been using for 5+ years now, and recommend it to all webmasters. From time to time I will use Godaddy for their auctions. Ive just always found better prices with Namecheap, and they also offer a free year of whois. Whois will hide your personal information that is connected to your domain. This alone is worth using them in most cases IMO. I tend to get a lot of spam if i dont, and its only 3 dollars a year normally.


In this example, we are going to be finding a domain to use for a 3rd party analytic program called piwik. So it really doesn’t matter what the domain is called, so i searched for piwikserver. Looks like the .com is open but its a premium domain costing over $2,000 dollars. Being this is just a junker domain for a tracker, we can use a cheap TLD like .xyz.

Note: I would not recommend using a xyz domain for a company website, the best practice would to get a .com for that. 

Auto-Renewal: If you plan on keeping this domain for awhile, you can leave this on so you dont forget to renew it. If you forget, someone else could buy it.

Billing: You Have the options of paying with a Credit Card or via paypal. 

Confirm the order is correct and check out.

Processing: If you have just bought one domain, the processing time for that tends to just take a minute or two. 

After the order is processed and you have purchased the domain.
Click on manage to setup the namesevers.

Lesson #2: Hosting WordPress on a Cheap VPS Server