Difficulty Level: 1/5
We really recommend managed servers if they are in your budget, normally for $10-15 dollars more you can have cpanel and support from top notch tech’s to help you out when things go wrong. Knownhost has been one of my favorite hosting companies for many years now, and will be the VPS company i always recommend to anyone. As long as you are not doing adult related projects/sites, then you will be just fine. They are a super friendly/helpful group of people, so dont be scared to reach out to them with questions. You are able to scale as well if needed, once you start gaining more traffic by upgrading server plans. If you are wanting to learn how to manage a server, then you can manually setup one.

Packages: VPS-2 “2.25gb” is a decent amount of ram to work with when hosting one website. This will be enough to run paid traffic campaigns to the site, and handle the organic/social/direct traffic.  When it comes to Guaranteed Ram, Think of a VPS server like a home computer. 1gb of ram will be alittle slow, but will get the job done. This is nothing compared to the slow load times of a shared server. We recommend going with the VPS-2 Package, as you can use the 15% off Discount code from knownhost.  KH15LIFE

Host Name Format: host.yourdomain.com

Cpanel: For only 5 dollars, cpanel will save you hours upon hours of headackes. Cpanel is your friend, you want it with your package.

DataCenter Location: If you are a local company, you are going to want to select a location that is close to you. In the example of PDXWeb we do local work, but also have alot of vistors from all around the world for our webdev lessons. Texas would be perfect as its in the middle, and will help with load times for US wide traffic.


Once you have configured the server setup, you can check out and pay.

Knownhost will send you a email shortly after with the login information.
To login, you will need to go to the servers ip address. It will be under the “To accesses Cpanel WHM go to:
Enter this ip address into your browser, like if it was a domain name. 

Enter root as the username, and the unique password for this account. 

Congrats, you have ordered and setup a managed vps!
Now you can add your domain(‘s) and host them.

Make sure to setup the nameservers ip addresses if required.

You will need to create/add the following name servers at your registrar:
ns1.yourdomain.com using IP **.***.**.***
ns2.yourdomain.com using IP **.***.**.***

These are the unique nameservers for your server, add these to any domain you want to host on here.

Adding the Domain to The VPS