The name of the game these days in the SEO world is quality over quantity. If it was pre-2010, I would not be writing this article most likely. I hate saying this, but spam is pretty much dead. We missed the boat, just move on. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a beast and test a lot you will find rankings. Just feels like 99% of SEO people don’t have the patience, though, the Google blues takes over them. 404domains was an old project idea for pushing referral traffic to Name Cheap with high PR expired domains. We also used the site to show how to install WordPress, and I don’t have any plans for the future with it. I decided that spamming it with cheap SEO services as an example/case study of what not to do might be helpful for anyone that is tempted to buy shady links. We might not get deindex from these link being built, but it is going to make this a dirty domain that has to re-earn its trust with Google. That is why I have it on another server, that isn’t connected to this domain. Google really doesn’t take lightly to spam these days and it’s understandable with the crap content that gets put out there. 

Fiverr Provider:

20,000 Authority Backlink package

Gopo2k Required Details to Complete Order

More is better right with building links? 20,000 links hitting our domain in 2 days, and then the link velocity dropping to almost Zero. Sounds super unnatural, and what are going to see is a huge spike on the backlink reports for the two days. It does look like this guy has been doing this for some time though, so maybe it will work out. He has 3000+ reviews at 4.5 stars. Level two seller, 99% positive rating. So it should be some decent links to help us rank in google right? Hopefully. 

Fiverr Provider #2

Rank High In Google with Best Backlinks Service

Turnkeys Required Details to Complete Order

This Fiverr Seller has a TON of 5 star reviews, over 10,000, and a level 2 seller. They are promising “quality” backlinks for only 5 dollars. Not saying how many, but saying their work is “safe and proven” and 100% Guaranteed. Not sure what they are guaranteeing, Its just some b/s ad copy to build trust, and convert more people. 

Reviewing The Backlink Moz Reports

TurnKey’s Report

On first glance, it doesn’t look crazy bad with some high DA/PA links, and a wide IP referral range. Let us take a look at where these links are placed, and what else is on the page. A link is nice but if a manual review ever happens and someone was to take a look at what backlinks are pointing at our site. It better look legit, honest, and natural or you are going to get a penalty from it.

Note: I have included the download report in case you want to look at them yourself. 

If you review those back links they built, you can see there is a super easy to spot footprint – All articles end with .PDX Ninja Blogger as the hyperlink. How likely would it be for 10+ different people to make that same exact typo? The pages are already super low quality with spun articles. Nobody has any real love for these websites, you can just feel it. It would take 2 or 3 hours of work to make those websites look 10x nicer. They most likely used a Spam SEO tool called SENuke or maybe GSA SER, and built all these links within a few minutes. If you look at the time stamps in the reports, you can actually see that all the links were build within seconds of each other. 

Topical Niches of the Domains linking to us:

Survival niche

Hey, Isn’t 404domains about blogging and SEO? Why do they have links from so many unrelated websites… Hmmm, more footprints of shady spamming link building. 

Link Profile of Backlink Domains

If we take a look at the backlink breakdown on a few of the domains, we can get a decent idea of what we got. Its looking like this is definitely a site that gets spammed hard from automatic link builders. Click here is such a generic “Other Anchor Text“, for it to show up enough times to get its own % of the pie is super sketchy. It means someone has spammed the living heck out of this site with that unique anchor text. Most likely being hit hard from a ton of affiliates, because you see other keywords like Perfect Biotics having a large % of anchor text reports. If you do a quick google search, you will see its an affiliate marketing skin care offer. The other anchor text is peppa pig ( still confused on that ), and the rest is branded. 

Same with domain, and most of the other domains that the fiverr seller posted our link on it. Its been hammered with affiliate offers/spammy anchor text to these inner pages. This domain also has been spammed hard with Peppa pig as well. My guess is this website is being shared on a Auto Approve SEO List, and affiliates have been using it to backlink to PBNs and money sites. 

If you want to be brave and google it. I’m hardly impressed though with these, and I personally would not want my websites connected to these other sites. 

Gopo2k Link Reports

Review of Linking Pages

Majestic SEO Backlink Reports

Txt File of backlink report.

More super low quality editorial hypertext links… These are likely going to do more harm than good. I would like to say, i am not picking on just these two sellers. Lets give them some credit, they are building links for 5 dollars. I didnt expect anything less, but I feel they are being misleading. You differently get what you pay for with fiverr, so just dont bother with these large link packages like this. Spammy SEO services are going come back and bite you later on, even if they say they are “safe” and whitehat.   

Domain Authority Report of 404domains

Current Summary:

UR – URL Rating: 7  
DR – Domain Rating: 31
(This is a false domain rating, its showing 31 but when you look into it you can see its only 31 due to all the spam. Being alot of the links are pointing)

Referring domains: – Huge Spike to 400+ within a few days
Referring Page: – Huge spike to 2300+ within a few days

URL Rating Distribution: Similar idea to Page rank, Its grouping domains into 10 levels of groups based on authority. Minus the fact of having 2,300 DR 0-10 links, but the fact that it tiers down from top to bottom like that looks normal. If we removed those 2,000 0-10 links, it might look more natural. 

Majestic Report

Our Current Summary:
Trust flow: 3
 Citation flow: 24. 

Majestic shows a similar rating, with 800+ Backlinks indexed so far on their end. Its going to take some time before they crawl every single page again that has our link on it.  This Ratio of Trust flow to Citation flow is telling us it has a ton of links pointing at this website. With almost every single one of them is a low domain authority, giving our site a low trust flow rating. 

If you didnt know, turtles and zombies are really best friends. 

Majestic Report Updates – 1 week later

This report is from about 6 days after the last two above from majestic – But its now showing a trust flow of 0 and Citation flow of 23. They are starting to delete and remove those spam links. Nothing like having 100’s of deleted backlinks pointed to our site, i hope you all start to understand why buying links on fiverr is awful. Right now its showing 150 links have be deleted that its crawled so far, and im sure more will drop within the next few weeks.  

TL;DR: Fiver backlinks do more harm than good, don’t buy low quality links.

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