Optimize Your Current Website.

You’ve just set up your new website, or you’ve got an old site that you think should do better. Do you know if it’s working properly? Are the users seeing what you want them to see? Is it all loading properly? Is Google seeing what you want them to see? There are many aspects to getting website design right.┬áThe look and feel of the interface is just one part of the whole system. We have years of SEO experience on our team, who will help address any previous issues a agency might have caused.

These are just some of the many items which we can analyze and improve on your site:

Legibility: Poor design often shows up with the use of the wrong font size and colors. Sometimes the style of the font can slow the reader down too, but the main thing is to make sure the font is the correct size for the device in use, and the contrast between text and background makes it easy to read.

Site Navigation: Too many times we have found sites with small menus, or completely lacking navigation on some pages. Items like “login” buttons need to be easy to find. If your visitors can’t find what they want in a few seconds, they will just leave.

Mobile Design: Does your site have a fluid layout, or does it need a separate mobile design? Mobile internet usage is overtaking traditional laptop and desktop computers, so you’re missing out on a huge audience if your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices.


Site Speed: If your site is mainly text, then it should load very quickly. Graphic and other media will slow it down. If it doesn’t load within a few seconds, then you are losing more visitors. Optimizing the content will help to speed up the load times.

Message: Does your site really show off your business in the best light? Is your message getting across to the visitors clearly? You might want to test some different design options to improve the impact of your site.

SEO:┬áThis a big subject – Google has around 200 items which it uses to determine website ranking. Many of these are related to the content of the website, and how the visitors interact with it. For instance, just getting your visitors to stay longer and look at more pages will help your Google ranking.

These are just a few of the items that our service can look at for you and improve on your site. Get your site analyzed as soon as possible to find out how we can improve it. The sooner the better – if your site is not optimized, you are missing out on visitors and sales every single day.

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