Borderline Between Web Development And Web Design


Bordering Line Between Web Development and Web Design

Because of the coordination between website development and its design, the two areas seem to merge into one. Sophisticated tools used by each and their common target of satisfying web visitor, the developer and designer are likely to be mistaken as one and the same. However, there are clear demarcating borders between the two.

As it has been stated in

According to (Abeywardina, 2011), web development is ‘the conception, design and implementation of a web entity created to serve a specific purpose’. The purpose of developing a website determines its category, layout and so on and so forth. A webpage is like a plot of land upon which a house, shop, school, library, warehouse or even prison can be built and the purpose of the building determines its nature and structure but there are certain equipment that must be provided in place whatever the site is meant for. However, designing the site will tell what is intended for. Quality and beauty of the site determines the skill of the designer. Likewise, a webpage can be developed for marketing, education, for disseminating information like newspaper, and it can be for sharing personal interest like blogs or even social media. Therefore, while some webpages are static in nature – having constantly unchanging piece of information, some are dynamic – changing their content and interface, for example, online banking, online registration, online shopping etc. To maintain dynamic webpage, web developers require some programming and preloaded database and platforms to run the dynamic websites. The platforms include Java Struts, JavaScript, JASP, Linux, Apache, MySQL etc.

As it has been stated in defining ‘web development’, design is one of the integral part of web development. This means that, web design is an offshoot of web development or one may assume that web development is a tree on which web design shoots out as a branch. Web design refers to designing websites on how to appear on the visitor’s screen. This includes appearance such as font style, font size, page colour, size and positioning images, table sizes and borders and general creativity of websites.

Among other tasks of web designers

Initially, web design was concerned with how a webpage would look like on the screen of computer or laptop but in recent years websites must be designed in so will be compatible on computers and other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This is an increasing task on the designers. Therefore, now many websites are designed to have mobile view and desktop view.

Among other tasks of web designers is to make the websites readable to search engine and this is called Search Engine Optimization. It is worth knowing that most of the visitors of a website do not have its address, but they are directed by a search engine such as Google, Mamma, Ask etc. and these search engines can only know and direct to a website if it is optimized the way they can trace and read it. This is the sole work under web design. Content writing stands on the thin line between the two borders. This is because in most cases, web designers are responsible for writing the content of the webpage but some in instances, the web developer is saddled with that task.

Borderline Between Web Development And Web Design

Web developers use platforms such as JavaScript etc., to create websites, web applications, use different languages to initiate email services, usernames and passwords on the website and database. On the other hand, web designers have tools to execute their work. These include HTML tag, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to create desired appearance of their webpages. Other software tools used by the web designers are Adobe Photoshop, Framer, Sketch, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Network Solutions, GIMP, Inkscape among others (Kause, 2016).

Comparing web developers and web designers from psychological perspective, it is assumed that the former are naturally introverts and their brain hemisphere is left dominant because their work requires logics and internal calmness. The latter are usually extroverts with powerful right hemisphere of the brain. Thus, they are very creative and that is what it takes to design a webpage.

When it comes to payment, which is one of the motivating factors of all jobs, (Glassdoor, 2020) revealed in a recent survey that the lowest earning of web developers in a year in the United States of America is $44,000 while the average earning is $69,000 and the rarest and the highest which is rare can rocket up to $111,000 in a year.

Finally, web development begins the work and web design continues beatifying the webpage and content for good appearance, easier navigation and accessibility.

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