Web Design or Web Development

Web Design or Web Development

When we have decided to have a career as a web developer, keep in mind that a website consists of some work which includes the initial design concept, the front end that works on the user interface and the back end that makes everything run smoothly.

Even though work actually has a big difference, but because it will eventually become a unity, it becomes difficult to know which part we prefer. Let us try to see the difference in work from a web designer and developer so you can pursue a suitable career!

Web Design and Graphic Design

Web Designer has a variety of coding expertise from simple front-end to graphic design. Software that you can learn is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Text Editors such as sublime text, Notepad++, DreamWeaver, or others. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required, and also a little familiar with JavaScript.

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In its implementation, you will start by creating a mockup design, template, or wireframe to be able to describe the overall appearance of the web that will be done. You will determine the right image, the perfect font, and the most beautiful color. Plus, you will usually get a variety of experiences when handling revisions from clients.

After the client is satisfied, you might need to make a website prototype with code. It does not have to be all the web designer code, but the most crucial part is to give an overview of the layout in general.

Creativity and love for art are certainly needed, but if you are not an artist, do not worry! This ability can be fostered. Start practicing with a mockup from now on, and you will become a skilled designer by continuing to practice.

If you do not want to code, graphic design can be the right decision for your career. You can focus on mockup design, icons, logos, or all related things, and you can continue to hone your artistic abilities in this field.

Web developers often work with other

Web Development

In general, there are two types of web developers: front-end and back-end developers (or full-stack developers for both names). Front-end developers are tasked with making the website look when working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. It is vital to make the user interface look beautiful, so that understanding of art and design is very compatible with this work.

Back-end development is the part that describes the construction of a website: skills that need to be mastered include databases, servers, and applications that work behind the scenes—mastered programming languages ??such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and SQL. You do not need to master everything; learn what you think is needed.

Web developers often work with other people, work in teams that become strengths. Furthermore, you most likely have to have particular expertise in interface design, e-commerce database. Do lots of research and practice to find what makes you comfortable!

Web Design or Web Development

The drawback is that code/programming can be challenging to learn. If you have never tried, be prepared for frustration and confusion. However, if you are familiar with and understand the necessary foundation, it becomes much more manageable.

So, which one should you choose?

Now you know in general how it feels like a web designer and developer.

This work can be similar. Both web designers and front-end developers need technical and artistic skills. Be it, designers or programmers, this work takes a long time to learn, and many years to be perfect. And these two professions have a common goal to produce beautiful and easy-to-navigate websites!

How much time will you spend on art or technical work? If you have difficulty learning about things related to HTML, try focusing on graphic design. If you like art and don’t mind CSS and HTML? You can become a web designer. If you like designing with coding, try front-end development. And if you want to get into the ins and outs of programming and website optimization, back-end development is the right choice.

In comparison, the Web Designer only focuses on the appearance of a web while the Web Developer focuses on the workings of a web. In his work, a Web Designer uses their intuition, creativity, and imagination to create a web page while the Web Developer thinks more about the logic, ways of working, and techniques that will be used so that the web can be used according to its function.

In conclusion, these two professions can not be separated and mutually support the development of a web and are destined to work together in a team where the two professions must be as visionary and agreeable as the web to be built.

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