Ways to start learning web design and development

Ways to start learning web design and development

Web design and development involve a major role in today’s world since many of us are digitalized. It is the process of producing websites using different programming languages and graphic design. Web design involves the creation of graphic design, maintenance whereas web development involves coding with front and back end programs which makes the website. To know where to start, it is better for the steps involved in it and their applications.

In web development, there are two types of categories such as front-end and back-end and the person who knows both is called a full-stack developer. Front-end programming involves the creation of user interface and all the visible things whereas the back-end involves the algorithms to manipulate the entered data of the user. So, the first step is to learn to create the interface part, and you can move on to the data manipulation part.

The next step is to learn

You can start learning HTML(HyperText Markup Language) which designs a layout to a website and most of us, must have learned it at our school level. It is so easy to learn, and it contains mainly of opening and closing tags like head, title, etc. The next step is to learn a language like CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) with which you can add the desired colors to the webpage. At present, most of the consumers are attracted by the colors and CSS carries out a leading role behind that. CSS code is inserted inside the HTML code and it is also very easy to learn.

The next step is to learn a language that collects the user’s data and helps to process it. You can go with JAVASCRIPT since it is most popular among developers and there are also languages like java, etc. And, then the next step is to learn a program like bootstrap, a front-end program, which combines HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT and helps them to function.

Furthermore, you can learn additional frameworks

By acquiring the preceding things, you can create a user interface and can collect the user’s data. Now, it’s time to manipulate the data which is also called back-end programming. PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is a language utilized to manage the user’s activity and produce the desired result. Also, languages like MySQL are used to manage the databases and helps to access data from the server.

Furthermore, you can learn additional frameworks like Django, RubyOnRails, Node JS, Angular JS, etc. Django is a python-based framework which is used for web development and used in many of the websites now. Node JS is a server-side framework based on JavaScript, and Angular JS is a front-end program based on JavaScript. RubyOnRails is a web development framework based on the ruby used for server-side and database management.

Ways to start learning web design and development

A web developer can also use libraries of their desired language since it reduces the amount of code and time. API(Application Program Interface) helps other developers to view your code and modify it granting to themselves without spoiling the code and it can also be used by a developer. It is good to learn with which clients can add their necessities without interfering with the code.

A proper web developer should explore the basics of SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) to increase the traffic of a website. Also, you should know about the UI(User Interface) and UX(user experience) to know and create according to the users. A good web designer should acquire some fundamental skills such as creating an aesthetic webpage, graphics, visual design, etc.

A web designer can learn adobe photoshop to design the layout of a website and to develop the logo. Good web designer able to create an aesthetic website by the correct usage of colors, format, design, etc. There are many design tools like DreamWeaver, firefox, etc and a good web designer must grasp one of these things. Also, there are general skills required such as time, management, attracting users, etc. which also determines a good web design.

There are many tutorials for all the above-mentioned things on many websites such as Tutorialspoint, w3 schools, Codeacademy. Also, there are video tutorial websites like code camp, Udemy, etc. through which you can learn programming. Web design and development have a huge scope and you can work as a freelancer and earn using these skills. Further, you can start your own company with these skills and you should be consistent in learning these things and updating yourself.

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