How does a web designer come up with ideas?

How does a web designer come up with ideas?

Becoming a web designer has to be one of the most exciting things. You’ve been working on how to code with various programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, for quite some time now. This hasn’t been easy, but now you can create a website that you could only dream of. It’s an exhilarating feeling, that has you thinking of creating your website or even look for a web designing job. To start on your journey of creating a website, you need to have an idea of what you want to develop or rather, a problem to solve. Coming up with a good idea is not a time thing and you are done; it is a process.

The first step of coming up with the perfect idea is to state the problem. This depends on what prompted your decision of creating a website. You may have always wanted to create your website and now want to put your plans into action or you’ve gotten a job to create one. If you have always wanted to create a website, then you probably have a crumb of an idea that you’ll need to develop into a big one. However, if you’ve never thought of it but after acquiring the skills you’ve decided you want to, then you need to find an idea to work on.

Having been hired by a client

Finding an idea for a personal website may not be an easy task for any web designer. This is because there are many things in life that someone can put on a website, hence, deciding which is one is most appealing to you may hard. To get an idea of what to do can through numerous ways which may include but not limited to: social media posts, magazines and blog posts. By viewing such sources, your interest may arise in a particular area such as fashion, technology, sports or other areas. Deciding the area that you are interested in and having a small picture in mind will give you a brief of want you want your website to be about.

Having been hired by a client to develop a website, a brief is given to you by the client. The client provides you with the problem statement and other ideas that he/she has had about the website. Conversing with the client, asking as many questions as possible gives you a chance to understand the thoughts of the client. This may include: the title of the website, how it should look like and what the menu would contain. It is from this that a web designer gets the very first ideas of the website to create.

The next step is to sketch

After having the very first ideas with the problem statement, the second step is to do research. Doing research gives you exposure to the field in which you are looking to focus on, be it fashion, food, farming or any other. It allows you to see the work of others and get ideas to enrich your own. Researching answers questions such as whether your idea will bloom in the current generation. It also enables you to know how many websites have implemented such an idea and how will yours can be unique.

The next step is to sketch your thoughts, either on a paper or a computer. However, doing it on paper is usually more effective since your hand is freer when using a pen than when using a mouse. Sketching is interesting and it makes your thoughts flow as you keep drawing what you have in mind. By doing this, you get more ideas and a way to connect those ideas.

Explore the keywords of the problem

When you have a picture of the website you want to create, even if it’s not entirely clear, talk to someone or people about it. The way of solving the problem you’ve identified may not be the same way another person views it. Have a discussion about the entire system with different people to get a variety of opinions. This will help you get more ideas on the content, functionalities and other things to put on your website. However, be careful about whom you share your idea with, some will discrete it and make you doubt yourself even when your idea is epic.

Explore the keywords of the problem to understand more about your project. For example, if you are creating a website in the field of agriculture you can search words such as seasons, plants, tools and many others. This will give you a wider view of the project you are dealing with and make you dig deeper, hence by the time you sit to make the dream a reality, you have comprehensive information. You can then make drawings showing how they relate and get new ideas.

How does a web designer come up with ideas?

When you think you’ve gained as much information as possible, write them down. You can start from how you decided to work on the problem, the content you need to have, it’s implementation and anything you’ve acquired. Write the pros and cons of your ideas together with any solutions to the disadvantages. Describing your project in words makes you understand your project well, know whatever is missing and if whether the solutions you’ve put down will solve the problem.

Other ways to consider when trying to generate ideas include following relevant bloggers, checking some websites and look at sites that list various ideas for web design. Many bloggers usually post their ideas in detail, which you can take a leaf from and enhance your ideas. Some sites have several ideas for web designers and all you need to do is to pick the one that is appealing to you.

You can find always find another method to get ideas as there is no limit to it. Take a nature walk in a park if you have to, visit a museum or take a road trip, anything that will open your mind. Creativity has become a major thing in the current generation, since almost everyone has the skills, what people need is something out of the ordinary. Therefore, don’t rush into implementing something you haven’t taken time to think. The best websites are always created from the best ideas and the world is always waiting for the best.

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