7 Big Custom Web Design Companies

7 Big Custom Web Design Companies

Businesses today know exactly how essentially a stunning website can be to their conversion and overall chances of repeated sales. They have seen too many designs to appreciate any lacking in class or artistic touch fully. A big custom web design company looks to provide something memorable, visually persuasive, easy to navigate, and extremely functional over different devices at this level of expectation.

A big custom web design company may not be the best at designing or the most funded one with a large staff community. But a few criteria can help potential clients get a sense of what an organization can offer. The best custom web design companies are outstanding in designing and have a huge reputation for highly professional behavior. Factors considered in selecting these companies are Major Awards/ recognition received, partners/ network, remarkable port-folio, innovation, history of success, sustainability, range of services offered. Each of these companies has renowned brands as clients that they currently serve or served. Some have these top brands as long-time users that express satisfaction with their services. These companies have a standard set of professional practices so that they may have a high-side cost.

Razorfish Sapient is a multinational web

Clay is a web design and business branding organization based in the US, it has a staff community of around 50 members. It is rated at least 4point7/5 by independent web services on the internet that include Google. Clay has a huge network of clients from the world’s most valuable businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, and Google. It received awards that include Apple’s app of the year, 2014 Gold Award of W3, Webby Awards, among others.

Razorfish Sapient is a multinational web design company with headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. It is the result of the merger of Razorfish with SapientNitro in 2016. Razor Sapient does CRM, Content strategy, EventandBrand Activation, Digital ecosystemandBranding, etc. On Google’s other internet websites, it has a rating of at least 4point6/5. Its large number of employees from different countries is over 20,000. They have delivered services to top companies like Audi and Walmart.

Deloitte Digital is a New York

Thrive is a Dallas-based internet marketing and consulting service company that has operated since 2005. They provide a wide range of services such as web design, media production, Onpage/offpage optimization, SEO, etc. Thrive may have a staff community up to 250 people. Notable clients with Thrive include Daryl Food, DandD Beyond, Hurom, with others. Thrive is currently a Google Premier Partner with recognition such as an award of excellence from Fort Worth and Inc. 5000 fastest growing business for three years consecutively.

Deloitte Digital is a New York firm that is not only one of the biggest custom web design companies but also the largest in digital consultancy. Its large staff community includes web designers, marketers, as well as creative artists. It is usually rated at least 4point7/5, with a presence in Hong Kong, India, with others. Deloitte has connections with giant brands like Microsoft, GM, Berkshire Hathaway, as well as Metlife.

7 Big Custom Web Design Companies

Hello Monday is a huge player in the web design industry since 2006. The headquarters is in New York, it also has other offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, both in Denmark. Its employee size around 100 members who contribute to the creation of highly interactive websites. It is highly recognized in the industry, as it is often the recipient of many awards. Some Hello Monday’s awards include the Cannes Lions award–received six times, Webby’s award–twelve times, and Favorite Website Award–100 times. It has brands such as National Geographic, ESPN, YouTube in its client network.

Lounge Lizard operated since 1998 by maintaining outstanding success in marketing strategy, web design and development. It currently has its headquarters in New York, with offices in Washington DC and Los Angeles. Notable clients include Dylan’s Candy Bar, Blue Foundry Bank, the Broadway League. Propeller is another company with an outstanding portfolio for web development and design. Its staff community is over 50 across the United States and the UK. Propeller client network includes companies such as JW Lees, KOIBIRD, Hippo Inns.

A big custom web design firm must display professionalism with creativity to puts them on a different level. This justifies the huge cost of patronizing them at the expense of startups. These companies show that they are capable of delivering to expectations at the very top for years.

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