Top 5 Websites To Learn Web Design

Top 5 Websites To Learn Web Design

If you consider pursuing a career in web design, having ample knowledge about the course is a vital step to take. While looking for the best courses that cover the subject, getting the best website to learn is another hurdle. Try to understand that all web design platforms cannot offer the course the same way. It is done better by some than others in online learning schools. However, there are many websites with enough resources that will teach you the ins and outs of the topic. Without mincing words, most successful web designers started their careers somehow, somewhere online.

One major problem faced by most of these people is the inability to decide where to start. If you are reading this piece, you are likely to have a similar challenge. The good news is, you are not alone as this guide offers information that will assist you in the journey. Listed below are the top 5 websites that will teach you everything you need to know about web design.


1. Lynda: A LinkedIn company owns Lynda, and it offers relevant resources in form of video lectures. These resources will help an individual to learn and practice web design. While the service host video course on other disciplines too, it offers users the best lessons that will make them outstanding in any profession. Lynda allows you to sign up for a free trial, after which you’ll need to select one from the four subscription plans. Visit Lynda to start a career in web design by starting for free.

2. Tuts+: This is a service that is famous for tutorials about text and multimedia. It hosts much content that teaches you “how to” as well as hours of video tutorials. Tuts+ gives you a solid foundation in web design while learning related courses by the side. For potential students of Tuts+, it offers free content that provides a taste of its premium value. When you become a paid member, you’ll have access to all its course collections. Sign up for free today and enjoy the selection of materials, then continue at a reasonable subscription.

Top 5 Websites To Learn Web Design

3. Udemy: Udemy is a popular platform that is not only for learning skills but also to teach others. The platform allows industry experts to create courses and teach them through the same webspace. All lectures are carried out through videos, offering the depth of web design and other lectures that may interest you. At Udemy, you can subscribe to free classes and also pay reasonable prices.

4. Pluralsight: It is another excellent learning site to get enough knowledge about web design. Pluralsight offer a wide range of courses on different topics with a superb mentor in each field. Presently, this website doesn’t have a free trial, but you can choose from the personal plans to start learning.

5. Coursera: This is one of the essential sites that offer massive online teaching. Most top universities partner with Coursera to deliver high-quality courses on the internet. They utilize fixed lecture sessions that require a student to enroll, allowing you to earn a degree in web design and others. Start a class with seven days of a free trial, then continue with a monthly fee. It’s time you pursue a career in web design if you genuinely have an interest in the course. The websites above are great places to start and the best part, for free.

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