For me, sometimes it takes an automated popup saying HEY DO THIS to remind myself of what I was thinking about yesterday. Most people are creatures of habits, and there are two very regular things in my life. I am in front of my computer working, or out and about with my phone on me.

So I wanted something where if I created a note on my computer. I could access it and edit it easily from my mobile device. Along with writing down new thoughts, notes while outside of the house/office. The reminders needed to go both ways as well, alerting both devices regardless of the starting input.

In my personal life, I tend to use Google calendars for a lot of reminders. Mostly with beer brewing, and other social events I really can’t miss. With Windows 10, you can connect the windows calendar app with google’s calendar. Syncing those two togeather, allowing me to get desktop popup notifications of the daily events. The Android phone can sync its local calendar with google as well and will pop a notification as well.

Create an account with Evernote, its 100% free to use. 

We want each device to control the other, and sync Evernote to our calendar on both devices. Mobile and Desktop. Its always helpful to draw out the “system” you are trying to build, is perfect for doing this.

If you already have a Google account setup, and ready to use. Then head over to Evernote Calendar Connect, to allow the app to connect to Google. If not – create one here.

Step 1: Create the connection for to the calendar.
Step 2: Create the connection to Evernote.
Step 3: Optional Settings 

After the two accounts are linked togeather via the cronofy app. You then can head over and start using their platform like normal.

Create a new Note in Evernote by clicking on the green + icon. 

I like to use it for the little things we tend to forget like; Following up with people, aging social media or forum accounts by posting, checking to see if a comment post got approved on someone’s blog, ect ect ect. You can also drag files and img’s into the description box of a new note. This can be helpful if you don’t want to copy and paste text. Rather than formatting text from a web page, you can just save and store the screenshot for future reference.

Example of Saving a screenshot

Give the note a title – this is what will appear as the event in the calendar. Once you have entered in whatever information you want too, click on the alarm clock in the upper left-hand corner to set the notify me date.

Choose the date and time when you want the Evernote to remind you. For most of my reminders, I’ll have it alert me at 10 am. Around this time is what I am starting to get caught up in the morning, and starting to wake up more. 10 am for me would be the optimal time for a notification of something to do for the day.

It will take a few minutes to sync up, but once the reminder is set in Evernote. You will see this event info on Googles calendar. We are using the Windows 10 app in our case for this screenshot above.

Note: If you are unsure how to connect google calendars with the windows app, then you can read a follow along article here.

Head over to the Google play store, or the Apple store to download and install Evernote app. This way – you now have system in place for all your ideas, and thoughts, and tasks to do. Figure out what works best for you, and always try new things for staying organized.