Have ever gotten this error while uploading a new plugin or theme? The error can happen often, and there is an easy fix to this problem at hand. We are going to be looking at how to correct this on a Digital Ocean unmanaged vps, but it can be done on any server.

If you are using Cpanel, you will just need to create an FTP user and password. When you are on the homepage of your domains Cpanel, just search for FTP.

Error Text: WordPress Failure Notice Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

http://Domain.com/wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-plugin http://Domain.com/wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme

Step 1 : Download Filezilla

If you followed along on our cheap vps setup blog post, then you will already have your information/setup ready.
You are going to need the server IP address, and the admin login username/password.

Filezilla is a well known free file transfer protocol program. You can download the software Here.

Step 2: Connecting FileZilla to your Server

Once you have installed FileZilla, you are going to want to save your login credentials. This is not required but makes life easier when you have to access the web server again multiple times via fpt.

Under Files 
You will find Site Manager.

Host: This is the ip address of the webserver/vps the domain is setup on.
Port: Generally you are going to use port 22 when using fpt
Protocol: You can usually leave the default setting here.
User: root
Password: The Password you created for this account

and now we can connect to our server.

After you connect to your server as the root user, you are going to want to click on the folder with the question mark. So we can look at all the files that are stored on here. 

Once in the Directory listing of “/” 
Scroll down to the bottom of this folder to find the
VAR folder.
select: WWW Folder
select: HTML 
select: WP-Content.

Once in the WP-content folder, you can transfer your files into the correct folders here.

Step 3 : Transferring Files

You will need to unzip the plugin folder before transferring the files.
You can move the zipped folder, but you won’t be able to extract it on the server side.

Find the folder on your home computer on the left side, and drag the folder into the plugins/theme folder on the right. This method will install the plugin/theme correctly. Its a common problem I’ve come across with buying custom plugins, and normally the problem isn’t the plugin if you get the WordPress failure notice.

Now, just head to www.yourdomain.com .
Look at your plugins list and set the one you just installed active.