Over the years I’ve found managed servers are nice for long-term projects, and SEO. They are not all that great for affiliate marketing. We have downtime, and or sometimes things go bananas. 

ie. Some days you are getting 100,000+ views a day.
Sometimes its only 50 clicks a day.

For the Small and Medium size affiliate, Its really almost too much to own a dedicated server. This is how you can cut cost, but still have the resources there when you need them. Using a cloud hosting company like Digital Ocean. ( free $10 credit ) You can setup a cheap $5 a month server to host the presell pages on. You can also setup a couple of them, in different locations for INTL campaigns.

When you start running the campaign, you can increase the server package. It Normally only takes 1-2 minutes to do the update. Now the server can handle a larger load of traffic.

I’ve always liked to do everything from the traffic source end. Besides, CPA networks cant do anything with data you encrypted. Like the click id. Cake & HasOffers cost tons of money to use. They have great reporting on the network’s end. It’s massively quicker to skip those redirects. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cake mistake a click. Use that free resource, it’s well proven.

Use a postback to Send the data back to the traffic source. This way you can manage & optimize the campaigns from one website. Get reporting/data from the CPA networks website. Run the landing page in GTmetrix. Fix any long loading items. Normally it’s the images. Compress them, and re-upload them. You’ll want to remove any unnecessary code that is slowing down the page as well.

This is how you can get really fast loading presell pages, and tracking for cheap.

Cloud hosting is really awesome for quick setups. Even if you only run it for a couple days, and then drop it back down to a $5 dollars a month server. You Banked hard, and now you are letting the money machine rest.