Softaculous is web based VPS control panel that allows you to easily install web based applications like WordPress.  This is great if you are just starting to learn, because it automatically setups the databases/users and other required manual steps.

The only thing you really have to do for the most part is click one button to install it.

Step 1: Find and Open Softaculous

Under Software / Services:

If it is included you will see the icon for softaculous, this is a super common add on for c panel that most hosting companies provide.

I would not recommend paying extra for it though. Installing wordpress manually only takes a few minutes.

The addon has a large database of frameworks that are common for web developers such as WordPress. Find and click on the WordPress logo.

Step 2: Configure WordPress

Click on the blue Install Now button.

Site Settings:
Site Name: The Name of Site
Site Description: A short description about the website.


You dont have to edit these now if you are unsure what to call it, you will find the option to rename these in the WordPress Settings Menu – General Settings

Admin Account: This will be your main WordPress account. Create a unique name and password for this. If you leave these to the default settings of admin, then you are just asking for someone to break into your site. 

Note: Under the Users settings, you have give your admin account a Nickname – like how i post under the name json. 

Admin email: – You can use your personal or domain email address.

Just make sure you have access to it, because if you forget the password. Its always helpful to be able to get the reset link.

Once all the information is updated and correct, go ahead and Install.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

WordPress is now installed and ready to be used.

If you head to the Administrative URL – 
You can login, and begin blogging!