Its time to find some expired domains, so you can build a low budget private blog network. If you are new to SEO, this project make for a great learning experience. The domains list here are really just the left overs, but sometimes good domains are overlooked. You can find some decent gems if you dig for awhile.

When you don’t renew a domain, they put them up for auction. If nobody buys it, then it goes back into the public registry. So if you look long enough, you will find a old domain with some good/decent live backlinks pointing back to it. I’m sure some of my old project sites have been bought up for link building purposes. 

Note: This is not recommended for white hat sites, as it goes against a bunch of Google Terms of service. If you are looking for expired 2.0 domain’s. Then you will want to use a scraping tool like Scrapebox to discover them. 

If you head over to Expired Domains, you can create a free account with them.
You have to sign up in order to use their filters.

Create the account with them, and confirm the email address activation link they will send.

After the account is created and live, you can begin to search for deleted/auction/expiring domains. You will find the search text box in the upper right.

The results:
Its showing a lot of domains that are asking for $9-3,000+ dollars, not something most people are willing/wanting spend at the moment.  We are just wanting open to buy domains, and we just need to add some filters only show those. 

If you click on the Show filter link, we can look for just deleted/free to buy domains.

Select Deleted Domains. Any of these domains should be available to order at any registrar.

If you want to dig deeper – you can find the adwords & seo tab under the “show filters” link.  We have a bit of a love/hate with Moz, but it still is a good indicator of whats really going on with the domain.

Because moz has the Free API – it’s great for looking at mass numbers of sites/data, but we just cant 100% depend on it being 100% accurate. As you will see later in this article. If you are trying to find a domain with some authority, search for a DA of 20+.

The one domain that stuck out to me was

It has a DA 10+. The domain is aged, looks like its over 4 years old. It had a good amount of referring domains, and back links. It appears to be a US based web design company that just changed domains/went under. 

We can normally find some saved history of the website with the wayback. Enter the domain you are wanting to buy, to get a general idea of what this site used to be. I had to look at a few different dates to find a good screenshot of this website we are looking at now.

Generally it will have some history in the wayback for us to look at. The Reason we look it up in the wayback is to save us time while we are digging. Open site explorer, ahref, majestic are “free” to use with limited data, but they will only let you search a few sites a day. So, if b40webdesign ended up being some Porn website (unlikely), its gonna have unrelated backlinks that are going to cause more damage than good.  Looks like its a old website for a middle school webdesign program. 

Trust flow 2 = really low
Critiation flow 10 = not good when looking at the trust flow.

A trust flow of 2 and a Citation flow of 10 would mean they have a large amount of backlinks from low quality websites. The total trust/authority of all those sites is low, and its showing 300,000+ links over the sites history. It does have a large amount of referring  domains and ip’s, so that means its not a ton of backlinks on just a handful of websites. Having a wide range of referring  domains is extremely important in googles eyes, but not when it looks this unnatural. 

As you can see in the majestic graphic of the external backlinks. 
Lots of Low Authority websites – Im guessing someone had some shotty SEO work to this website in the past. 

Oakley sunglasses
Foreign link
Colombia hotel 

Hmmmm….For a middle school webdev website, I wouldn’t expect for anyone to naturally backlink to them with any of these links. They are spam/paid for sure, It would be so unlikely that they are legit. The idea is to assume all domains are good, and we look for redflags to decide if they are not. Not that paid links would be a deal breaker, but 300,000 low quality ones are. 

Anchor Text:
90% other = most likely good/natural looking.
Everything else anchor text wise outside of the raw urls/banded text = bad. 
Decent mix of follow to no follow, and mostly text based links. 

If we only looked at Moz, it would appear that this domain would be a great buy. Not showing any red flags other than having a DA 20 with no backlinks?… The problem is Moz just doesn’t collect as much data as the others, and miss links in their reports. They are the only ones that offer a free API though.

Final thoughts on this domain: Do Not buy it, its not going to be worth the headaches. The best thing to do would be to find a brand new one, or keep digging for a another expired domain. Not unless you just HAVE to have this domain for some lovely reason.