If you are just starting out in the wonderful world of building websites, then you most likely still need to buy a domain name. You are in luck, because in the last few years they have rolled out a bunch of new TLDs. Like in our example, we could not find anything decent webdesign dot com related.

Though Web.Design worked perfectly for what we were doing. Though I will admit .com is king though, if you can get a .com domain then grab it. Dot net and dot org are the two other decent alternatives if a dot com isnt open.  

Namecheap has been the registrar I’ve been using for over 6 years now. Its the only one I’ll recommend to webmasters. From time to time I will use GoDaddy for their auctions. Its just that GoDaddy’s interface is really frustrating to use, and overly complex. 

Name cheap, and they also offer a free year of Whois. Whois will hide your personal information that is connected to your domain. This alone is worth using them in most cases In my opinion. I tend to get a lot of spam emails if i don’t use it, and its only a few dollars a year normally. 

Search Namecheap

In this example, we are going to be finding a domain to use for a 3rd party analytic program called piwik. So it really doesn’t matter what the domain is called, so i searched for piwikserver. Looks like the .com is open but its a premium domain costing over $2,000 dollars.

Being this is a private domain for a tracker, we can use a cheap TLD like XYZ. We wont be indexing the website for organic traffic, so it can be called whatever you want.

Note: I would not recommend using a xyz domain for a company website, the best practice would to get a .com for that. 

Auto-Renewal: If you plan on keeping this domain for awhile, you can leave this on so you dont forget to renew it. If you forget, someone else could buy it. If you are using the domain to learn SEO with, or practicing how to build websites. Then you should leave auto renewal off for the time.

Billing: You Have the options of paying with a Credit Card or via paypal. 

Confirm the order is correct and check out.

Processing: If you have just bought one domain, the processing time for that tends to just take a minute or two. 

After the order is processed and you have purchased the domain. You can get started right away, normally it only takes under 10 minutes before the site will go live. If you have already purchased a server, then you can add the name servers by clicking the manage button.