If you are not using a shared hosting company like hostgator, godaddy or namecheap. Then you will likely have to setup a custom DNS record. This is telling the domain registrar the location of your server, otherwise you will get a dead page when you try to visit the site. 

If you are using a popular shared hosting company, then you can skip this step. You can just add nameserver addresses they emailed you, and the site will go live. 


The hosting provider should have sent you ip addresses for the name server. Each ns should have a unique ip address to enter.

Step 1.) Under the manage setting of the domain the custom host names are under; host.pdxweb.design in our case. You will find the advanced DNS setting:

Step 2.) Click on Add Nameserver

Step 3.) Select NS1 from the dropdown menu
and enter the NS1 ip address you got in the email.


Click Done, and the the same for the other NS addresses.
(normally just NS1 & NS2 )

Once you have entered in all of the ip addresses and assigned what Nameserver they are for.
If you click “search” They should appear below ~ Take a second to make sure the information here is correct.

You will only need to do this once, for the domain the Nameserver ip’s are under. If you buy more domains and add them to the virtual private server, or adding clients sites.

Then you will only need to add the ns1.yourdomain.com ns2.yourdomain.com under manage for the new web property.