When you order a brand new domain, you will have to configure the DNS settings. What you are more or less doing is saying Hey, this domain is located over here at this address. This way when the browser trys to connect to your website, it knows where to find it at.  

The process for adding the nameservers is similar for most domain registrar, so we are going to look at the two most common: Godaddy, and Namecheap. 

NameCheap DNS Setup:

Under the Your Account, you will find the link to the dashboard menu. 

Find the domain you want to add the nameservers too, and click on Manage.

This is where you will find the box to enter those in. If its a brand new domain, namecheap’s default setup will be “Basic DNS”.

In that drop down menu, you will see Custom DNS
Enter the nameserver url the hosting provider sent you.
Generally its two url addresses – sometimes 3 or 4 though. 

Enter those, and make sure to save. The process of connecting the two together can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes, up to 48 hours. The longest ive had to personally wait is 6 hours though, its really uncommon for it to take that long.

If you are using a custom DNS, like ns1.yourdomain.com  ns2.yourdomain.com. Then you will need setup the nameserver ip address in the domain registrar so they know where those url addresses are located at.  Under the domain manage setting in name cheap is where you will find the Advance DNS namecheap settings.

GoDaddy DNS Setup:

Under the Account Setting, You will find the Domain’s Manage button.

under the clog wheel of the domain you want to setup, you will find Manage DNS

Change the default nameservers.

Select Custom, and enter the URLS for the nameserver.

Your domain will be live and able to view online soon!