When it comes to researching for pop ad campaigns, it can get a little tricky with finding niche related creatives. So we are going to be using Box of Ads to create this campaign. I found a relatively simple and almost foolproof method to share for finding affiliate presell landers. If you are struggling to find creatives for a certain niche, then continue reading to learn more about the traffic origin search process.

I know a lot of you are running CPA campaigns, so you are going to be seeking out some presell page designs. Of course, affiliates don’t tend to organize the way we want with domain names and URLs. In this example, I am going to be looking for some discount auto insurance creatives. Along with a list of targets for a PPV campaign, that other affiliates are bidding on. At first, I was searching for keywords that are in the link URL/domain. Auto, Insurance & Cars don’t pull the most hyper-focused creatives for auto insurance. I would only use those for trying to pull a board result. Makes sense, due to we are only looking for these keywords in the domain/URL.

Rather than relying on them using certain keywords that they should use. We can just view the targets these guys are running, and review the results of those. After a few deep searches you will quickly start refining those results. Until you start finding niche domains/keywords that a lot of auto insurance affiliates will be running on.

Search using a related keyword that you would bid on, and select Origins before performing the search.  Traffic Origins will pull domain names, keywords, phrases, anything that you would normally “Bid on” at a traffic source. 

On the first page, I saw what appeared to be an affiliate pop lander with a decent amount of traffic origins. We are trying to find related landers with some data behind them, to perform more detailed searches. If you clicked on that creative, it would pop up a window with more data on it. The origins/keywords can be found at the bottom of the new pop-up window. Scroll down and manually review the list.

Deep Searching With Traffic Origins

The one target that really stuck out to me was Insurance.com. Insurance.com is a website that sells auto, life, health, and home insurance. The data is showing he was running his presell page mostly on this target and the car maker companies domains. I Bet we are going to find more auto insurance presell pages, and focused keywords if we search for all creatives targeting this on PPV.

While looking at the result page, about five rows down I found another couple sets of affiliate looking presell pages. Affiliates just they tend to have better targeting and more creative ideas. This one was my huckleberry because they were targeting some other very niche websites/keywords that we could use.

As the list shows, it is mostly auto insurance related targeting. You will need to manually review the results of the targets you think are going to have results you want. It should not take a super long time to find some niche results. Just remember to save all the presell pages and targeted keyword lists as they come up.

Saving Targets for Future Research

When you come across some solid PPV targets that have creatives/data that is useful for you. Then go ahead and click on the little eye icon next to the phrase. Selecting this icon will save them under the Main Monitoring tab. If any new data is stored with creatives targeting that domain/keyword, it will report the changes in that menu.

Viewing the Live Landing Page in a Web Browser

In the creative popup window, you will also find the links to the live presell pages they were running. If they are running a unique tracking domain, you will see that appear in this list as well. If you are wanting to take a look at the source code, then you will need to view the live page.

Note: You can also extract more Presell Landing pages using Copyscape. People tend to reuse the same ad copy over and over again. If the page is indexed in google, then it should show up in the Copyscape results.

Most of the landers I did find with Box Of Ads were live, due to the freshness of the results. If you start pulling some older results, you may need to see if they are archived. Run the raw url of the page into Way Back Machine, without any of the link extensions.

Niche Auto Insurance Landers Found

Exporting Keywords & URL’s

Above the list of keywords/URLs, on the far right, you will see the option to export to CSV. Go ahead and export this, and you can use these to target on your campaign. Rinse and repeat, and keep digging for gold. If you are generating large keyword lists, then i would recommend checking out Text Mechanic. They really have everything you could want for combining, filtering, cleaning, and refining keyword lists.

Text Mechanic Main Features:
Add/Remove Line
Find and Repalce
Remove Extra Space
Add Prefix/Suffix into Line
Remove Duplicate
Lines Remove Empty Lines

I spent a good hour digging using the keyword in the URL/domain method without a ton of luck. Then that ah ha moment to search for creatives this way happened. When it comes to larger niche stuff like diet, skin, muscle. Searching for keywords within the URL tends to be a stable method for pulling results. Using this approach, I found five landers in about 20 minutes with a solid list of keywords to test. Hopefully, this will save you some time, and allow you to find what you are looking for. If you want to learn more about spying, then i recommend checking out BOA’s Blog