I have noticed a lot of people are reusing the same image, and headlines with their native campaigns. We are going to show a quick and dirty method to create some unique images that have a high likelihood of working out. You will still want to spy, and see what common elements the top spending ads have. That is what we are going to base the new ad image off of.

Most of the ads you see running have been manipulated in some way or can be faked using this method. The major problem of using someone else ad image is its been blasted with millions of impressions already.

If people were going to click and read it. They would have by now. If they have already read it, they won’t want to reread the same story again. Rather than just stealing their ad image, we can mimic it. Give the world a new image/headline they have not seen before. Using a proven design, that has worked out in the past.

Finding transparent images will help you create professional looking designs. They will have the grey and white checkered background. Looking for that background is the easiest way to know if its a transparent image. 

Adding PNG in the search phrase also helps return better results.

Background Images: 

Under the setting’s menu.
You can select Large as the size.
This will result in higher quality images to use.

Head over to Canva to create a free account with them. If you upload your own images, then its 100% free to use.

Click on Create a design, after you have logged in. 
The size of the project doesn’t matter so much.
You’ll just want it larger than 500x500px

Upload the images you have sourced. 
Drag and drop them onto the blank project. 

As you can see. The transparent image really helps with the design. 
Resize and move around the images until you have a design you are happy with.  
You can download the image, or screenshot it. 

Then crop it in paint.