Native Marketing Basic Concepts
  • The Stories Sell the Product
  • Visitors are in a Content Consuming Mindset.
  • You are Using the Headline & image to drive in targeted leads.

Targeting Clicks that Convert:


CPA Offer:
INTL Asia Dating

Bad Headlines:
Meet Beautiful Women today
Singles in {city} looking to meet up
Find Your Dream women in {city}.

Better Headlines:
{city} Man finds love in Asia
{city} Singles Are Using This International Dating Site With Success.
5 Lessons I’ve Learned Dating Aboard in Asia.

Images: Selfies of attractive women from Asia.


The bad headlines above would work and bring in traffic. It’s just the likelihood of them bringing in clicks from people interested in dating someone from Asia is tiny. It wouldn’t convert well, or at all using them.

You can use the headline to push away people who won’t be inclined to convert, by making it niche. Include two “niche keywords” in the title if possible. Try adding custom elements, and filters to your image using canva, to help boost the ad CTR.

Creating The Pre Sell Page Story:

You’ll find a lot of people reusing the same landing page, and content. But the way I try to think of it with content-driven traffic.

  • How many impressions do you think that lander gets a week?
  • How many months has that lander been running.
  • How many times do you think that ad copy has been seen?
  • How often do you read the same article more than two times?


The design and ad copy works, but its gonna be burnt out. These landing pages get Millions of impressions a day, due to people reusing the same content. If you did something similar to it. You would have a good chance of it working out. The bounce rate is also going to be lower. You’ll want to use the outline of the story. Just change the who, what, when, and where.


Content Ideas:
Example: Running a Casino offer/Bizop Offer

Old Idea: Wife Sees Husbands bank account on wedding day.

New Idea: Dad Surprises Family With a New $1.2M Home.
Recently Divorced Dad sends photo of his bank account to his EX.
College Kid wakes up after a party, and find 1/4 million dollars in his bank account.


Etc etc. Using the concept of something being easy to do, with amazing rewards.

Visitors should think they can also do what the people in the story have done. You just have to make it unique. Give them something new to read, and use the story to sell the product. Check out Google News, Buzzfeed trending, and Buzzsumo for headline/content ideas.