Once you start collecting some data, and are getting traffic to your webpage. You might start noticing some really strange referrals that have an extremely high bounce rate. The referral is the last webpage the user was at before visiting your page, but this is easily faked with a double meta refresh. 

As excited as you might be about getting traffic, you have to understand the internet is still the Wildwest. Webmasters will spam, and fake comment your site to SEO death if you let them. In order to make decisions based on real data we have collected, we have to filter out the fake/bot traffic in Analytics.

Once you have logged into your google analytics account. You will find the traffic data in the Reporting tab.

Under the >>>Acquisition menu 
>>All traffic 

Most of these referrals are from low quality websites that look like this. Along with ones that redirects to an entirely different domain. We can safely assume they are not sending real human visitors, and its skewing our data.

So what we can do is, filter out any traffic from this website in our analytic reports. These clicks/bots will still be able to visit your domain, they just wont show up in the reports. 

Under the Admin Tab, You will find the Filters Config link on the far right. 

Once in the Filters Menu, Click on Add Filter.

Create a new Filter
Filter Name – Name of Referral
Filter Type – Predefined
Exclude: – Filter Field ( select Referral )
Filter Pattern:  Referral Domain URL address 


Save the custom filter setup.

After you have saved the new filter, you will be able to see how much traffic is coming in from that referral in this menu. Another idea you can use, is filter the ip address of any of the webmasters that work on the website.