If you have just created a brand new website, then you are going to need to submit the sites sitemap to google. This will help googles bots crawl the website, and find all the content. It will also announce to google that you want to be indexed on their search engine.

The process for submitting the sitemap to Bing is very similar to this, you can find the bing webmaster tools here.

Step 1: Download the Plugin

Click on the plugin menu, and hit Add New at the top of the plugin page.

Search keyword: XML Sitemap Generator.
Author: Arne Brachhold
Main Site: Arnebrachhold.de
Zip File: Download link

Download, and active this plugin.

Step 2: Sitemap Generator Settings

You will be able to setup this plugin by finding it under the settings menu. Hover your mouse over the settings menu, and select XML- Sitemap.

Step 3: Google Search Console


You will need to login or create a google account to access the search console. Console Login

Once logged in,
You will see a red button in the upper right named “Add Propriety
Click on that, and enter your domains url

You will need to verify you own/manage this proprity.
You will find the easiest methods under the alternate methods tab.
Generally the simplest way is to already have installed google analytics.
If you have not installed analytics – Learn more
Otherwise you can Upload a HTML file to your site, using filezilla to transfer the file to the html folder.
Follow the steps google list for this method.
1. Download The File
2. Upload the file to http://yourdomain.com
3. Confirm successful upload by visiting *google link*.
4. Click Verify below.
To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

Upload the google verification file to the HTML folder via FPT.

Once you have verified ownership of the website, you can then submit the sitemap location. You will find this on the dashboard main menu – Under Crawl.

The Default location of the sitemap with XML Sitemap generator is  http://mydomain.com/sitemap.xml
Click on Add/Test Sitemap

and enter sitemap.xml into the text box. 

Congratulations ~

within a few days, if you search in google for 


You will start seeing all the different pages of your website showing up in google. 
This is a easy way to get indexed, and crawled by google.