Query Deserves Freshness is a Google algorithm that helps find the most recent up to date content. This happens on a search phrase that is getting a massive increase in search query volume. Google will ignore a lot of its own ranking signals due to the fact a search phase is getting that breakout in search query. They understand that user intent can change week to week, or hour to hour with the same search phrase. So what Google does, is it tries to find some of the most recent articles about that query. Helping provide a better user experience for their searchers.

You will see in the examples below, but in Harrison Fords example in google trends. 99.9% of the time google records that the search term “Harrison Ford” gets searched 500-5,000+ times a day.  They can make guesses that the user intent is being served by watching how the person interact with the results.

If they are pogo sticking, staying on the page, looking at multiple pages, how long they stay on the results page, etc etc etc. But When Harrison ford crashes his airplane, the search volume for his name when to xxx,xxx , its unlikely these people are looking for the normal information provided by that search result.

Generally this happens with large new stories, world events, celebrities events, ect ect. You can find these trends before they happen, as they are happening via social trends, or looking for trend changes in explore reports.

This method likely wont work if you are a brand new site, but if you have been around for a few months. If you noticed your pages get indexed within a day, and are getting some traffic. during these QDF events; you can get mass traffic. 


On the homepage of google trends, you will find the explore sub menu under their left hand drop down menu.

We need to look at the Explore menu to find the the most recent search query data required for QDF.

It looks like google has caught onto this tactic a bit, as they have changed up a few things recently. You used to be able to select past 7 days and get the category top/raise keyword data

You can still get the Pre-populated list of phrases that are potentially in breakout, without having to search for a custom keyword. You just need set a custom date range of 8 days so it pulls the last 7 days. I see what you did there google.  

Past Breakout Query’s

Taking a look at the Stranger Things, it looked like it didn’t get much search queries until a few days before it it premiered. So if had a website where you could write a article about this tv show. What we know about the show so far, the cast, when its starting, ect, ect ect. Another idea would be doing a review about the first episode that night it comes out. Posting it for people to read about it the next day who missed it, and are looking for reviews. 

Then all you would have to do is wait until you started seeing the spike in trends. Of course you never really know if a breakout event is going to happen, and the search volume would start to exploded. Its just how life goes on the internet as a webmaster. 

We can safely assume a new independent tv show from Netflix should get some big press before it launches. People will be looking for more information about it. 

The Harrison Ford plane crash was a interesting one, because i saw some of the first post/new stories of it happening on facebook. Long before they had any articles written about it and Within 30 minutes Facebook and Google was FLOODED with stories about this event. Its for sure an interesting sight to see, and if you are a fast working you can ride that wave of traffic.  

I’m sure writing a unique article that nobody was talking about, that was related to the indecent would have done great. Perhaps researching what kind of plane he was flying, and discussion the history/problem/mechanics of that – and what could have gone wrong that day for Harrison.

So you can catch massively huge new stories/events right as they happen, and you just have to write a quality article as fast as you can. Even if you wrote the article that evening, you can see the search trend lasted a little while. 

Step 1: Reviewing Current Google Search Trends

This is one of them more recent events that has happened, with the presidential debates being two days ago. Its still likely going to trend for a few more days and fizzle out. You could still try to write a article that goes about it differential of course, and might end up making a viral type post out of it.

Topic Ideas

  • Presidential Debate Outcome: What this means for Wyoming. 
  • Did Hillary Cheat to Win the Debate?
  • Republicans Still Jump for Joy -Trump clearly won last nights debate.

Current Social Trending Data

If you are wanting live data of trending topics, twitter likely will be the best place to source the data from. Trends24 does a great job of presenting the data in a clean way.

If you google “twitter trends”, you will find multiple websites that do this in different ways. Buzzsumo is another awesome place to pull data of social sharing/content.

Step 2: Finding a Freelance Writer (optional)

If you are not a expert on the QDF event topic, and if you have time to setup for the article. Then up work will be a good place to check out, and find a knowledgeable writer on the subject you want to blog about.

Post a new job – and be Extremely specific about how long the article will be, what its about, what you want to pay, etc etc.

Another good trick is after the job is posted, search for those topic keywords like political writers. You can invite them to bid on your project, this is how i found my better freelance writers on my old blog projects.

Step 3: Indexing the Fresh Post

Search Console

If the site you are posting on is new, and still taking sometime to get a new post index, you can visit Search Console and enter the link in there.

Social Signals:

Photo By: okdork.com

If you have a decent following already, and have written a really awesome article that is shareable. Then pushing it hard on social media will get it to index into google will work really well, and look super natural.

A Mailing list also would be helpful, or if you can find a legit solo ad provider ( I don’t think those exist sadly. ) Always make sure to review/google the name of the ad seller before buying craptastic traffic. 

If you are struggling to find the direct post link on Twitter or Facebook post. All you have to do is find the post on your wall. Click on the time stamp of when it was posted, and this will open them up where you can get the unique post url/id. 

Discovery Search Engines:

  • Delicious
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • SpinSnap
  • GetPrismatic
  • Gorandom
  • xyo
  • pulse
  • flipboard
  • longreads
  • medium
  • fark
  • Pinterest

Social Media Bookmark Sites:

  • flickr
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • google plus
  • myspace
  • tumblr
  • vine

Blackhat Indexing Methods:

If you HAVE to have this post indexed like yesterday, than you can use a indexing service to ping it. This is not recommended, and could cause a lot of issues down the road. If this is just a turn and burn project, and if you dont care about the site all that much. I’ve seen a ton of websites get deindexed due to using a mass indexing service, so be careful if you decide to go this route.

Common indexing services used by members of the BHW forums:

  • Link Processor
  • Instant Link Indexer
  • Ping Farm
  • One Hour Indexing.

Fake Social Signals

You can also fake the social signals as well with a paid service like Addmefast.  Once again, this is Not recommend for a money site project. It is a little harder to catch at-least compared to a indexing service though. Write a genuine Facebook post or tweet and add the post links into Addmefast.

Defiantly set a daily and total click amount as well so it doesn’t look too spammy.