If you are looking for some expired 2.0 tumblr accounts with authority, then you are in the right place. They are one of the few social sites that allow this to happen anymore. WordPress “excuse” was its because they don’t want people to be confused say when ninjabloggers.wordpress.com expires, and lets say I re-register it. If i turn ninjablogger.wordpress.com into some spammy affiliate site, they would be shocked/think the previous owner did this.  

The other 2.0/social sites that i am aware of that allow it are LiveJournal, Blog Spot, Over-Blog, Weebly and Twitter. The downside to these are sometime they require a longer time to expired, or have to pay to buy the name/index the site. 

Step 1: Keyword Harvesting

For this post, we are going to be looking for generic tumblr accounts, so we can have a higher chance of finding some high PA ones. So what we did was search for “Top Tumblr Tags” from TopHashTags to find some Main Topic keywords to scrape in scrapebox. Level 1 will find very related terms, and Level 4 Will find oddball longtail keywords.

If you want niche accounts; use targeted but board keywords, and top 10-20 results per keyword via the harvester.  

Example keywords:

  • web design
  • art
  • programming
  • wordpress
  • blogging

Step 2: Custom Harvester Configuration

Sometimes being lazy isnt all that bad, and if we plan on looking for tumblr accounts semi often even better. What you can do is create a new Harvest Engine. That may sound complex, but we are just editing one line and creating a new one. This is way easier than appending the +tumblr.com footprint to a large list. As you will be doing multiple harvest sessions. 

Under the top main menu SettingsHarvest Engine Configuration

Step 1: Select the Bing Harvest Engine – and click on the engine definition tab.
Step2: Display Name – Change to Bing Tumbler Scraper
Step3: Query String – {KEYWORD}*space*+tumblr.com

http://www.bing.com/search?q={KEYWORD} +tumblr.com&sc=12-3&sp=-1&sk=&first={PAGENUM}&FORM=PERE&cnt=20

You know this will work because if we go to http://www.bing.com/search?q=art +tumblr.com&sc=12-3&sp=-1&sk=&first={PAGENUM}&FORM=PERE&cnt=20

You get these results of all tumblr pages. This is Just what we wanted. Anything you can search manually for in google. Scrapebox can do it, but much faster.

Harvesting Bings Search Engine Results

Alright, Lets start digging! You can head over to the harvester – select the new engine, and run. 

Step 4: Processing the List of URL’s

After the harvest is complete – Install and run the Scrapebox Alive Check addon. If you want to do some more scraping/filtering – You can run the internal link extractor to find more tumblr subdomains from those links. This will result in a larger list, and more chances for high PA accounts.

Dead Or Alive

Alive Check will visit each URL and look for a web server errors that will indicate an expired tumblr account. 

Export the Non-Alive domains. 

Checking the Page Authority

If you do not have the domain authority scrapebox addon setup with moz’s API accounts|proxies, then you can visit MozCheck Bulk Checker. They offer 3,000 checks per month for free, you just need to create a account with them. CheckMoz is another source for bulk DA results.

If you want to process larger amounts of data, Majestic SEO now offers a lite package of only $50 a month. You can also try visiting konker or fiverr. Search for someone to do a full report in ahrefs/moz/majestic, who has a paid account with them. You will get way better data, but will have to pay a couple dollars. 

The DA should be the same for all of these because they are subdomains of the same domain. Look for a
PA of 25+
Mozscore 3+

Having a decent amount of backlinks, that’s always good as well. Make sure to review them for a spammy looking profile in one of the report tools such as majestic seo

Step 6: Creating the Account

If you already have a main tumblr account, thats perfect. Login and head over to the top right menu. Under Follow/Settings/Help you will see Tumblrs New. If you are creating a brand new account, its a similar process just keep entering the account names untill one is accepted. 

I believe tumblr requires the account to be deactivated for 30 days before you can re-register it again under a new username. Everyone i know scrapping for these runs into this issue. What happens is you run into about a 30/70  mix of accounts that show a dead page, but saying someone else has already registered it. I doubt someone did within 5-10 minutes of scrapping and testing the results. So you will have to do some digging, but you will find them.