One of the easiest ways to find keywords that you have a high likelihood of being able to hit page one on. Is just to look at similar domains, that have a lower domain authority score than you. See what keywords they are ranking for, then writing a better article then they did.

This requires some backlinks already built to your website. If you have 0 incoming links on a brand new site. Then you might try looking for keywords with a low amount of page results.

If you have not already installed the mozbar. Then go ahead and install the chrome extension. You will also need to create a free account with Moz, for the tool to work.

Turn the Extension on, and head over to google.

You will want to search for keywords that are related to the niche you are in. Looking for websites that have a lower domain authority score, and hopefully a low amount of backlinks built to that page found. Make sure to run Open site explorer on your site, to get the baseline score.

Tip: Dont run reports on sites that have a low amount of DA, as they wont be ranking for many keywords.


In this example, we are going to be using the Hoth. It’s an SEO marketplace that has some free tools. You can use any tool that collects a websites organic keyword ranking stats. Ahrefs is another great tool for researching keywords your competitors are ranking for in the top 20.


Head over to The Hoth and create a free account with them. Once you log in, you will find the search engine ranking software under Tools. After you have found a few domains you feel you could out write & rank. Run the report.

You will want to find keywords that are ranked on page 1. Otherwise it defeats the purpose if this domain cant even rank for that keyword, and doesn’t bring in traffic from it. If you have a more powerful domain, then you can look for keywords that rank on page 2 and 3.

This data is getting pulled from SEMRush, so its not 100% live and accurate. Confirm that the domain’s article is ranked before starting a new article on the topic.

Look at the backlinks, and page authority on the ranked page as well. Making sure it doesn’t have many, if any at all. If it does, make sure you can duplicate with similar links.