Having a large following via your LinkedIn profile is the new big thing. The platform is growing quickly, and is a great site for finding new people in similar industries. It’s also a great source for finding b2b leads, and jobs. You will need to download and install the browser extension Imarcos. This add-on is only available for Firefox unfortunately. 

After you install the Firefox add on, open the Imarcos sidebar.  You can find the script folder location in the settings menu. Find this folder on your computer. Then Drag and drop the Auto-connect file into the Marcos folder.

Download the .IMM file.

Under the play Menu. Highlight the LinkedInAutoConnect.iim file. Next Enter the max amount of loops you want to run. 1 loop is 10 connection requests. 

Hit play Loop, and go do something else more productive than clicking a button 1,000 times. 


Note: This likely goes against LinkedIn’s TOS. Don’t expect not to get banned if you are super aggressive with this script. Its setup to run super slow. This was merely an example of what you can do with this firefox add on.