Buying internal traffic on Facebook can be expensive but, having real users engaging with the post is so worth the money. You might even be tempted to buy some likes from a 3rd party seller. Buying a handful of likes to make the fan page look semi-legit looking is another thing, though. These people are claiming to have active and permanent fans. Promising non-automated likes from real people. I wanted to collect some data on two sellers to show my point hopefully.

Both of these fan pages we are using in the case study have some users already. All were with non-paid advertising, but all voluntarily liked the page. I wanted to have some previous data to show you how it looks in the reports.

If you search on Facebook for share4share, s4s, like for like, you will find some groups of admins who own some fan pages. You can share their page on yours, and they will do the same. So they will see real users, and if they are interested in the page, they will like it. This is how most of the fan based was collected in this example. The two marketplaces we will be using are konker and Fiverr. Seller:

Important Facts About Package:

ordered – 9/27/16 1 pm
19 Positive reviews on the gig
Black level Seller with 34 other positive reviews under his username
5-star rating in all categories.
5 dollars for 1300 active real fans

Facebook Fan Page Data:

Insight Reports: April 2015

Insight Reports: Sep 28th – Oct 5th

Insight Reports: Oct 5th – Oct 10th

Note: More data is being collecting on this campaign, but it’s showing the same results as the nerdy page. 

Fiverr Market Place Seller:

Important Facts About Package:

Ordered – 9/27/16 1 pm
Social Media Campaign.
11 positive reviews on the gig
Level 2 sellers
96% positive Seller reviews total.

Facebook Fan Page Data:

Insight Reports: July 2015

Insight Reports: Sep 29 – Oct 5th

Insight Reports: Oct 5th – Oct 10th

Reviewing the Data:

Demographic of All Fans Who Liked Our Nerd Page

Demographic of Fans Who Viewed Our Post

Demographic of All Fans That Engaged with Our Post

What Does it all Mean?

The Philippines make up 9% of the total user base.
Driving 13% of the total engagements.

Colombia Makes up 7% of the total userbase.
Driving 10% of the total engagements.

Ecuador makes up a total of 5% of the total userbase.
Driving 8% of the total engagements.

The United States make up 14% of the total userbase.
The United States drives 2% of the total engagements.


Engagement Rate of fans who viewed our post:
Ecuador 54%
Colombia 38%
Philliphines: 64%
Mexico 47%
Brazil: 74%
Peru 51%
Agregentia 52%
Tunisia 35%
The United States 10% …..   -.-


31% Women
69% Men



31% Of Engagements coming from 21% of the total userbase of 3 international countries.
41 countries make up 53 % of the total userbase.
Five countries make up 46% of the total userbase
With the United States making up 31% of that group for total five countries.
4/5 out of those countries having around a 50% Click thru rate.
While the United States only having a 10% Click thru rate.



Finding correlations caused by the Like Campaign

The start of the like campaign was between Sept 30th-Oct 1st.

This person likely started funneling traffic to our page around Sept 30th-Oct 1st.

You can assume this due to the 200 or so active followers this page started with. If you look at organic reach data during the first few days of posting again. You see my non-paid fan seeing the post with the low impressions Followed with the reach spike that was larger than my starting fan number. It is possible that they e began trickling in some fans on the 30th so that it wouldn’t be a crazy huge spike out of nowhere. Though, the data is showing it started sometime during the 30th of September.

Sept 28th: 16 views
Sept 29: 20 views
Sept 30th: 85 views
Oct 1st: 265 views

Ending on the 4th of October. The Peak of our organic reach was during the like campaign on Oct 3rd. Interesting enough you see at the peak of the organic reach, is when All likes, shares, and comments stopped. They have yet to pick up.

This organic reach spike was due to the likes coming from people viewing our page.  So they are going to see some of the posts when they like it. 

Paid Fan Data Vs Organic Fans

Data slightly before campaign and during the start:
My guess is what happened is the real organic fans I had liked the photos because I have not posted for awhile. If you look at the past data, you will see they were stable with likes/photo clicks and impressions. Then once the bots built up enough of the demo on the page, the impressions to real users dropped to almost zero. It gets worse because when the bots clicks on the photo, it creates a fake engagement.

Facebook is going to keep showing the content more to the people who are at least interacting with the post. The data we have collected right in the first few days reflects the data in 2015 the best. To Have over five posts with a decent amount of impressions, high photo click rate, and 0 like’s, comments or shares is pretty shady.

3rd Party Fan Data:

  • Dates: 10/5/16 – 10/10/16
  • 547 Impressions
  • 36 photo clicks
  • 0 Comments, Reactions or Shares.
  • 6% Of the impressions clicked on the photo.
  • 0% Of the impressions Like, comment, Or share’s.


Non-Paid Fan Data

  • Dates: 5/6/15 – 5/10/15
  • 683 Impressions
  • 19 photo clicks.  
  • 10 Comments, Reactions or Shares.
  • 2% Of the impressions clicked on the photo.
  • 1.4% Of the impressions Like, comment, Or share’s.


The Final Test

Men generally can agree that video games, and money are king. Wrap a cute girl around that, and how could anyone resist.

I’m not going to claim anything here other than something feels off. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to analyze facebooks insight data. That buying fans from a 3rd party person, even if they claim is real. They are going to do more harm than good. It is going to reduce your organic reach to real users, and that defeats the entire purpose. Its really best to leave it be, and never buy from one of these cheap fiverr providers.

One of the best ways to grow a Facebook page is using the traffic from your blog. Paid Facebook advertising campaigns are unfortunately one of the best ways to build a real following.  Just make sure to split test different ads images, ad copy, and targeting.