For the last few spammers out there in this crazy post hummingbird Era. If you are still spending more than a few minutes setting up a GSA campaign for 2nd tier spam. Then you are wasting valuable time. WAC v4.10 (as of 10/6/17) is well worth the money for anyone who automates their link building processes with GSA SER. It takes care of 98.1% of the setup work. For $60 the software becomes yours forever, no monthly subscription bills. I’ve had this software for almost 4 years, and its been my go to for blackhat link building. They have been consistent with updates as well over the last few years.

Wicked Article Creator Features: 

  • Lifetime updates
  • Create & import full SER campaigns
  • Massive database of articles
  • Upload and spin your own articles
  • Img/video scraping for articles
  • Article title generator
  • Keyword filtering
  • Zip file exports


( Yes they are really free trials, No CC required. )

Select where you want to scrape the articles from, when on the main menu tab.
Keyword will scrape the article directories
Database will use WAC’s articles they scraped.

Use a very specific keyword to get the best search results. 
Hit the load button (magnifying glass) to start the article scraping process. 

Select the articles you are wanting to use, so they are highlighted.
Next hit the GSA content button (Witch hat), and let it process the articles. 

Manually uploading the file: 

Once WAC has finished building the campaign. Export and Save the Data. 

Note: You can also generate a API key called GSA ID, and import the data that way. I’ve always had conflicting issues with it over the years. The manual process is still super quick. Its a good way to understand everything, then start using the API key. 

Open up a new project in Search Engine Ranker. At the bottom of the projects menu, you should find the tools button.

Click on it, and import > data fields. 
Select the File you just exported from WAC.

Now that all the data fields are filled out with usable text. 
If you are running articles in this project, (you most likely are) then head over to the articles manager tab.

Under the Add button. Upload the article files by selecting “Import from folders.”

Make sure you have a list of spun titles to use. I find it easier to just generate a list of article titles, rather than pulling them out of the 1st line of text. 

You will find this under the tools menu of Wicked article creator. Select the number of titles you want, and the keyword.  Build the project, and then hit the Spin Tax button. This will format it and allow you to just paste it in. 

After the data fields are important, articles are imported with spun titles. You will need to add a catch all email, or list of bought email accounts to use. I recommend SEO Spartans, as they have been around for a long time now. Lots of great reviews, and I’ve used them in the past as well. 

Recommended Catch all Email Providers:

Remove any target sites you don’t want to post on
Upload a list of URLs if you have one.

Change any options you don’t want from the default settings.
and run the campaign.