The easiest way to find fresh sources of proxies is to filter googles results to the last 24 hours. This will pull up sites that have recently updated a page, or have created a new one. We want sites that are constantly updating their list, not old static blogs from 2015. These google passed proxies intended for web scraping tools. Such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke, & Scpraebox. The process is the same for finding transparent, anonymous, & elite proxies as well.

Note: For automated link building processes, we would recommend going with paid proxies. If you are looking to browse the internet anonymously, a VPN would be better suited for that. 

When using the 24 hour result filter. The number of pages in the results are very limited, so you should use broad search terms. Below are some examples of search phrases you can enter into google. Most of these search operators are similar enough to use in Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines as well. 

24hr Result Filter Search phrases:

  • socks5 list
  • free proxy list
  • ssl proxy list
  • free proxy
  • socks4 list
  • Socks proxy free

No filter Broad Search Phrases:

  • socks4 OR socks5 + proxy OR proxies + list OR download OR .txt OR daily
  • daily OR fresh + proxies OR proxy + list
  • blogspot + socks OR socks4 OR socks5 + Proxy OR proxies
  • SSL + proxies OR proxy + list OR server
  • Proxy OR proxies + 24 + Free OR list OR download OR daily
  • socks-5 OR socks-4 + list OR download OR free OR fresh
  • Anonymous Proxies + list
  • */*/2017 socks4 OR socks5 + proxy OR proxies + list

List of Common Proxy Ports:

If you want to pull a larger selection of results, or scrape for urls. The above phrases should return around 1 million results each. This is for uncovering harder to find proxy server sites 

Blog "Label" Footprints:

Anonymous Proxies
Elite Proxies
Fast Proxy
Fast Proxy Server
Free Proxy Server List
High Anonymous Proxies
New Proxy Server List
Proxy Judge List
Proxy Server List
SMTP Proxies
SMTP Proxy
Google Proxies
Google Proxy Servers
IRC Proxies
IRC Proxy
Proxies SSL
SSL Proxies
Fresh New Proxies
Fresh Proxies

Fresh US Proxies
New Fresh Proxies
US Proxy Servers
Agario Bots Socks 5
Fast Socks
Fast Socks 5 Servers
Socks 5
US Socks
US Socks 5 Servers
VIP Socks
Socks 5 List
Socks Proxy
Socks Proxy List
proxy links
Socks 4/5 Uncommon Ports
Socks 5 Scanned
Socks 5 Yahoo Voice
US Socks Proxy List
VIP Socks 5

Proxy Scrapers and Testers

Sites to crawl for Socks4 & socks5 proxies:
(High Google Pass Results sites from json’s personal list in scrapebox)


Extracting Proxies from Inner pages Using Scrapebox:

If you are using scrapebox, and are using a source that creates new pages for the daily proxy updates. You will need to find a footprint within the URLs. Generally they almost all have one common footprint.

proxy-list, list.txt, ssl-list, free-ssl, proxylist.txt , ect ect ect.
If the source includes multiple list that use different footprint. Such as one list for anonymous and one of ssl proxies. Then you will separate the footprints with the | character. 

Example of a blog style free proxy list. You will want to look at the post URLs and find a common footprint that they share. In this example, it would be one of the following. Any of these combinations would work.

URL must include:

  • socks-proxy-list
  • proxy-list
  • socks
  • list_

I would recommend going with a semi-targeted footprint such as proxy-list.
Socks and list_ might pull in unwanted results.
Socks-proxy-list is a bit detailed and might filter out URLs we do want.

After you enter in the footprints, you will want to test it. 
Scrapebox will popup a Test Proxy source menu. It should pull up a list of “links received from page”

Double click on the link to make sure it uploaded the proxies correctly. 

After you have gathered your list of sources to harvest proxies from. Go ahead and test the results.
Run the complete test, and open up classify sources.

This will bring up a chart, where you can see the results from the sources. Showing you the % of Google passed, and anonymous passed proxies. This way you can delete low reward sites, to save time when scraping for fresh proxies on another day.