Logomakr is a very basic WYSIWYG online logo generator. Its the only one I’ve found that exports the image with a transparent background. That is why I like this one so much. This way you can use any theme for WordPress, and the site background wont crash with it. Otherwise I would use a online designer like Canva, to produce higher quality images. 

There really is no reason to pay someone on Fiverr to create a simple logo anymore. You can create one in under 30 seconds, and have it looking better than most of the artwork coming out of there. These are great for budget website builds, 2.0 sites, blog networks, and other non money site projects.  

Resources on Design & Psychology:

The blank canvas waiting for some art. Below are some of the top features of Logomakr:

Search Graphics: Find free logos and designs by searching logomakr’s database. Another free source of vector icons is FlatIcon. If you are needing photographs that you can use for business purposes, then checkout Creative Commons. You are required to give proper credit in order to use these for free. Make sure you follow the terms of the image owners.

Tool Menu Bar:

  • Create text
  • Shapes
  • Paint bucket
  • Select

Save: Save your work for free, and without needing to create an account.
Download PNG or Create a link to save for future editing. 

Adding Images: 

If you search graphics in the upper left hand corner.  It will pull in results of victor stock images from their database. These are 100% free to use.

If you cant find any images you like for the logo you are designing. You can import your own. Unfortunately, there is no direct upload feature with logomakr. You simply copy and paste in an image from online using ctrl + v.
For the best results, search for a png with a transparent background. 

Adding Text:

The text icon on left will create a new text edit box.

Next, to the search, you will find the drop-down menu of font names and font categories. It also will show a preview example of what the font looks.

Note: There is no size selection for the font, you just resize the edit box.

Resizing The Logo:

Once you have some images and text you like. Resize the logo to the exact dimensions the WordPress theme requires. It can cause some issues if its the incorrect size.

Make sure to click on the new resized box to save the changes.
Otherwise, it will reset back to the current size settings.

Saving & Exporting:

Next to the resize feature, you will find the floppy disk icon for saving.

You will get the option to pay for the high res file, or download for free. If you select the free download,
then you MUST give credit to the owners.


How to Give Proper Credit:
For most up to date information on Attribution, visit Wiki or Creative Common.
Here is a simple example of a credit that you can use your social media or website.

“Logo made with Logomakr.com


Saving The Design: If you need to come back to the design for future edits, or to finish later. Then you can save the URL that it gives you here. Another use for this is if you are trying to create a bulk order of logos. Then you can try resizing logos to common dimensions, and saving the URL with the size in the title. That way you can just search for  80×100, and its ready to go.